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The key factor of Yongxing aluminum profile price is quality

As a well-known brand in the industry, Yongxing aluminum profiles have been well received by users, and the key is quality. From the material quality, tolerance requirements and surface technology of aluminum profiles, we have been planning high-standard, strict-demand industrial production lines. The various aluminum profiles that appear on the market are of varying quality and at different prices. How should customers choose? The small series of Vietnam Yongxing Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. can simply tell you to look at the quality and cost-effectiveness. So, how does Yongxing Aluminum judge the quality? The aluminum alloy is composed of elements such as aluminum, silicon, and magnesium. Each element has a specific content standard. Magnesium is expensive, and some manufacturers reduce the amount of expensive elements to a minimum or below the standard range, thereby saving costs. Even some manufacturers mix waste aluminum into materials, and sometimes it is estimated that there are many harmful ingredients, and these ingredients are not 6063 or other brands at all. Finally, the mechanical strength of aluminum products is reduced, and the difference in the price of aluminum profiles is not surprising. Formulations of various alloys of aluminum alloys produced by regular manufacturers can ensure that the content of each element is within the specified range, and the requirements are very strict. Each of them has their own data and they are kept secret. Qualified formula can guarantee the quality of the profile, otherwise, no matter how it is processed, it can not meet the requirements. The melting and casting of aluminum rods is also very important. At present, domestic melting furnaces, in the 1940s, have the most primitive furnaces of the 1990s, but also have melting furnaces such as coal, steam, oil and electric heating, chimneys or chimneys without chimneys. Under normal circumstances, no matter what kind of fuel is used in the melting furnace and the casting furnace, the chimney should be used. Otherwise, the exhaust gas and the slag will be dissolved in the aluminum water, and the slag package will inevitably occur. Manufacturers with high product requirements should be equipped with homogenization equipment. In the process of smelting and casting, various trace elements can be evenly distributed to ensure the quality of the final Yongxing aluminum.
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